Integrated Voice


Click to call instantly from Chrome or Firefox - having integrated voice calling in your CRM is a huge efficiency tool and it makes selling easy.

Sales Pipeline


Keep your finger on the sales pulse with instant reports and pipeline analysis. See where the sales bottlenecks are and how to make more revenue faster.

Automate Marketing


Our email marketing gives you unlimited messages, making it one of the best values compared to other marketing systems. We also support print and SMS marketing campaigns and voice calling campaign management.

Get Mobile


Just fire up the browser on any more device and Voice CRM works great with no app to download or configure. You cannot use our voice calling features on mobile versions however.

Voice Call

Simply click to dial and talk and then disposition the call and move on to the other lead. Our Voice CRM dialing with integrated lead management lets you fly through prospects and convert more leads into customers. With the Voice dialing feature you do not slow down and the phone does not get in the way, the CRM data is at your fingertips making it easy to click dial and sell.

Sales Pipeline

Our powerful sales pipeline reports make it easy to find the bottlenecks in your sales process. The simple graphs and reports of sales and prospective deals in the pipe make it easy to understand how individual sales reps are performing and you can get team progress in an instant.

Calls Tracking

Call tracking reports and Call Scripting are also part of VoiceCRM and we deliver an impressive amount of call tracking and automation features. It is simple to set up call scripts for your agents and set up custom call flows and dispositions. Set reminders and group invitations to calls; you can manage it all with our powerful call reports.

Forms & API

Our CRM provides you with a simple form creation tool, which you can use as a questionnaire or survey to be distributed to your customers or prospects. When they receive the forms, the results are entered into the CRM so that you can run reports. You can also distribute the forms via our email campaigns feature. Our API also lets you CRM-enable and power up any web forms or third party software that you wish to integrate by sending and receiving information into VoiceCRM.


Reporting is done in a variety of means in the CRM, with over 65 canned reports, and over 30 sales reports in the sales pipeline system. The CRM reporting also has advanced call reporting features and activity and audit reports throughout the system. If that is not enough you can use our custom reporting tool, which lets you design print-perfect reports for upper management.

Marketing Automation

Our marketing capabilities can automate tasks and enhance marketing efforts to customers at different points in the lifecycle, when you get new leads, follow on prospecting, and targeting are all included. Unlimited email campaigning is included in the Pro edition, so you can target and segment your customers and leads and send out as many promotions or notifications, newsletters and more with no limits. You can even hook up your existing POP and SMTP email accounts and send and receive email directly with the CRM.

Task Tracking

Track tasks against contacts or companies, events, deals or customer support cases, the Tasks are very powerful and are equivalent to To-Do's in other systems. Task tracking and team assignment and notifications can help you take care of business and keep everyone alerted and meeting deadlines. CRM task management is not a full blown project management system but is very helpful in tracking important activities or deliverables.

Import & Export

You can import data from any CSV file, so if you have another system to import from like Act, SalesForce or Goldmine or any other, it is easy to import. Our system lets you import all of your data -- if you need help our support engineers can insure your data import and a successful migration to our system. Need to back up or export data? You can do that any time with no additional charges or headaches, you can simply click export from anywhere in the system and get your data exported or downloaded at any time.

Print & SMS

Using our powerful Microsoft Word integration you can create document templates that can be merged with the data in the CRM system. Need to print out 1,000 mailing labels with personalized letters and then also send out 1,000 emails and SMS messages to the same targeted audience? Our CRM can accomplish all of this and more.

Alerts & Reminders

The system is smart and can send you alerts and reminders about events, calls, or deadlines in the system. You can also set up alerts in the system to let everyone know when certain information has been changed or re-assigned. Get instant alerts and reminders via email or SMS and keep everyone on the same page and up to date with the latest information.

Mobile Ready

Go ahead and grab any mobile smart phone or tablet and fire up the browser, the CRM works on every mobile device out of the box with no app to download. Our mobile optimized CRM works on any device and is secure and fast.

Group Calendar

The group calendar helps your team manage schedules and your employee daily, week, and monthly activities and meetings, calls, and everything else. The calendar is a centralized, personal and team scheduling system that not only shows you what is coming up and scheduled, but also historical activities too. The group calendar is powerful and easy to keep updated.

Document Store

All of your important documents can be uploaded to the CRM and centralized as well as attached to any contact in the system. Many businesses need to relate documents to certain deals, companies, contacts, tasks or customer support cases, and our CRM lets you attach any document of any type to the data in the system.

Backup & Security

With the same 128-bit SSL encryption as online banks, VoiceCRM has military-grade security and physical security as well. VoiceCRM owns our own hardware in our own data facilities, so there is no threat to your data. Our firewalls and other security hardware provides additional layers of security, and since 2003 we have been in business and serviced the industry without a single incident of data security. Rest assured that our expert engineers and operations staff will keep your data safe, secure and available anytime and anywhere.

Customer Support

Our CRM lets you track customer support cases in the system, so you can have trouble ticket tracking and customer help desk tracking built right in. The Cases section of the CRM lets you customize your customer support process and data so that you can streamline the process and make it sing. Customer support staff love using VoiceCRM with simple click to dial access to customers and quickly solve problems with ease.